Installing Nixnote (Evernote) on Fedora

I’ve recently installed Fedora 18 on my systems after the latest several Ubuntus proved to be incompatible with my laptop. I missed having a good evernote client though. I’ve ran nixnote before and found it quite satisfactory, but it wasn’t available in the Fedora repository. Have no fear though, to install it you would do:

1. Download the RPM at Install with ‘rpm -ivh –force’ # force is necessary, without it rpm warns about ‘/’ being a conflicting file..
3. Install the older libpng library – ‘yum install libpng12′
4. Install the static openssl – ‘yum install openssl-static’
5. Run nixnote and you can then go to Tools and input your username/password.
6. Go to your desktop settings and configure nixnote to start upon login

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