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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.4.1 Released

I don’t often find myself getting overly excited about maintenance releases, however Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.4.1 is an exception due to two key factors: Preview support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 as a hypervisor host Support for up to 4,000 GB memory in a single virtual machine


TryStack is now RDO Icehouse!

Heat has been added to the cluster. FAQ: Getting Started video: Information on RDO: TryStack Launchpad


Red Hat porta 1000 cambiamenti nel Kernel Linux 3.0

Un articolo di aggiorna le modifiche portate al Kernel 3.0 di Linux. Molte le modifiche riportate da Red Hat: 343 Changes made by Microsoft developer K. Y. Srinivasan 1,085 change provided by independent developers Red Hat provided 1,000 Changes in Kernal 3.0 Intel provide 839 changes Srinivasan comes in at the top because he  Full Article…