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How to extend / increase a Windows Partition on KVM QEMU VM

Step 1 – Shutdown the VM virsh shutdown hostname Step 2 – Increase the qcow2 image Find the qcow2 file of the VM and take a backup (just in case). cp hostname.qcow2 hostname.qcow2.backup qemu-img resize hostname.qcow2 +100GB Step 3 – Start the VM Now start the VM. virsh start hostname Step 4 – Extend the  Full Article…


Performance Analysis

dstat – versatile tool for generating system resource statistics strace – trace system calls and signals iotop – simple top-like I/O monitor iostat – Report Central Processing Unit (CPU) statistics and input/output statistics for devices, partitions and network filesystems (NFS). vmstat – Report virtual memory statistics iotop – simple top-like I/O monitor nfsstat – list  Full Article…


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.4.1 Released

I don’t often find myself getting overly excited about maintenance releases, however Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.4.1 is an exception due to two key factors: Preview support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 as a hypervisor host Support for up to 4,000 GB memory in a single virtual machine


Installing Nixnote (Evernote) on Fedora

I’ve recently installed Fedora 18 on my systems after the latest several Ubuntus proved to be incompatible with my laptop. I missed having a good evernote client though. I’ve ran nixnote before and found it quite satisfactory, but it wasn’t available in the Fedora repository. Have no fear though, to install it you would do:  Full Article…


oVirt Updates

– oVirt 3.5 Storage overview – Nagios/Icinga monitoring plugin check_rhev3 1.4 released Download this plugin from: For further information on how to install this plugin visit: A detailed usage documentation can be found here: – oVirt Guest Agent Repo for SLES 11 SP3 is available The repository URL is: To  Full Article…